Access Denied offers a wide range of theft prevention products. Some of our most common products include:

Expandable Gates -
(see #11 through #13 in our gallery)
Expandable Gates are a high security barrier for doors and windows. Our gates are manufactured by Xpanda. They fold up to 15% of closed size and fold neatly out of the way when not in use. They are easily operated because they do not need a track. The gates are available in a wide range of sizes to cover most doors, windows or openings.

Rollshutters - (see #7 and #8 in our gallery)
Rollshutters provide "blanket coverage" for doors and windows in residential and commercial settings. They provide excellent security as well as climate control by helping to keep extreme temperatures away from windows and doors. Our rollshutters can be operated manually or electrically.

Window Bars -
(see #2 and #4 in our gallery)
Access Denied custom manufactures window bars for commercial and residential security applications. Our window bars are double welded in an 8" grid pattern to resemble today's popular mutton bar windows. They are powder coated and are available with a "quick release" mechanism for emergency escape in basement windows.

Anti-pry Plates
(see #6 in our gallery)
Anti-pry plates are used on commercial doors to prevent prying of the door. They are bolted to the door and cover the crack between the door and the frame. They are available for single or double doors.

Perimeter Gates-
(see #12 in our gallery)
Perimeter gates are often a businessí first line of defense. Access Deniedís gates are manufactured by Heras.  Heras Cantilever Gates are not supported by a wheel like other gates, and therefore function flawlessly even in our harsh Canadian winters.

Cigarette Cages -
(see #5 in our gallery; also shown above)
Our cigarette cages are manufactured by Xpanda, the same company that makes our expandable gates. They provide excellent security from cigarette robberies. The unique characteristic of our cage is that it can be kept locked during working hours, allowing retrieval of one cigarette package at a time by reaching through the lattice. Cigarette cages are available in many sizes.

Commercial Barricade Bars -
(see #10 in our gallery)
These security bars are used to secure back doors in commercial settings by making them resistant to prying open. They are used after business hours and removed during business hours. The security bars are available for single or double doors.